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up Parent Directory 28-Dec-2014 15:23 - [IMG] A. Ernest V Bisson_France_Une Serieuse partie_1914_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 44k [IMG] AC_France_Left foot right riders_1610_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 140k [IMG] Abraham J. Bogdanove_America_The Chess Problemist_1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 168k [IMG] Abu al-Qasim Firdawsi de Tus_Persia_Shah-nama_935-1026_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 24k [IMG] Abu al-Qasim Firdawsi de Tus_Persia_Tahmuras Defeats the Divs_935-1026_setboa... 28-Dec-2014 15:06 48k [IMG] Abul Qasim Fidurausi_Persia_Folio Shahnama_935-1020_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 28k [IMG] Achille Glisenti_Italy_Chess_1848-1906_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 24k [IMG] Adolf Pichler_Austria_X_1835-1905_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 72k [IMG] Adolf Von Menzel _Germany_Die Schachpartie_1836_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 36k [IMG] Adolph Menzel_Germany_La Partie dechecs_1836_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 56k [IMG] Adolphe Alexander Lesrel_France_Checkmate_1897_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 68k [IMG] Adolphe Alexander Lesrel_France_Chess game_1839-1921_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 52k [IMG] Adolphe Alexander Lesrel_France_The Chess Players_1910_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 40k [IMG] Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel_France_Tactical Chess_1839-1929_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 28k [IMG] Adrien Joseph Verhoeven-Bell_Belgium_A lesson in chess_1824-1882_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 24k [IMG] Adrien Moreau_France_Partie dEchecs_1843-1946_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 40k [IMG] Al Andalus_Spain_Noblemen and their servants playing chess_1200-1300_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:06 44k [IMG] Albert Joseph Franke_Germany_Deux joueurs dechecs_1860-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 32k [IMG] Albert Joseph Franke_Middle East_A game of chess_1860-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 20k [IMG] Albert Joseph Franke_Middle East_Chess Players_1860-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 28k [IMG] Albert Pictor_Sweden_Death playing chess_1440-1507_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 88k [IMG] Albert Pictor_Sweden_Taby kyrka Stockholm_1440-1507_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 72k [IMG] Alberto Martini_Italy_Check to the Kaiser_1914_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 28k [IMG] Albrecht Frans Lieven Vriendt_Belgium_His Move_1843-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 16k [IMG] Alessandro Guardassoni_Italy_Autoportrait_1819-1888_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 32k [IMG] Alessandro Sani_Italy_A Welcome_1856-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 52k [IMG] Alessandro Sani_Italy_A game of chess 2_1856-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 40k [IMG] Alessandro Sani_Italy_A game of chess_1856-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 28k [IMG] Alessandro Sani_Italy_His next move_1856-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 48k [IMG] Alex DeAndreis_Britain_A Game Of Chess_1871-1939_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:06 20k [IMG] Alexander's Book of Questions and Facts_X_X_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 24k [IMG] Alexandre Bida_Middle East_Trois Turcs echecs 2_1813-1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 44k [IMG] Alexandre Bida_Middle East_Trois Turcs echecs_1813-1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 48k [IMG] Alexandre Charpentier_France_Girl playing chess_1856-1909_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 20k [IMG] Alfonso El Sabio 2_Spain_El Libro De Ajedrez_1283_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 264k [IMG] Alfonso El Sabio_Spain_El Libro De Ajedrez_1283_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 28k [IMG] Alfred Stieglitz_America_Two Men Playing Chess_1864-1946_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 16k [IMG] Alice Gupe_England_Two Women at Chess_1851_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 840k [IMG] Allan Douglass Mainds_Britain_A lesson of chess_1881-1945_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 36k [IMG] Aloysius O'Kelly_Ireland_The game of chess_1850-1949_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 76k [IMG] Alphons Hollaender_Germany_Paar beim schach_1862_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 28k unknown Anderssen and Steinitz in London_England_X_1866_setboard.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:07 36k [IMG] Andrea Landini_Italy_A Game of Chess_1847-1935_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 40k [IMG] Andrea Landini_Italy_Untitled_1847-1935_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 36k [IMG] Andrew Carrick Gow_Britain_Checkmated_1848-1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 12k [IMG] Anguissola Sofonisba_Italy_The Game of Chess_1555_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 32k [IMG] Anguissola Sofonisba_Italy_The Game of Chess_1555_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 76k [IMG] Annti Faven_Finland_Chess_1884-1966_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 76k [IMG] Anthony Rosenbaum_Britain_Chess players_1880_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 32k [IMG] Antoine Claudet_France_Chess players_1797-1867_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 16k [IMG] Antoine Claudet_France_First known photo_1843_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 20k [IMG] Anton Edel_Germany_Figurensatz_1800-1850_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 68k [IMG] Antonio Esquivel Suarez De Urbina_Spain_Spanish Studio_1856-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 28k [IMG] Arthur Boyd Houghton_Britain_Brother and Sister_1836-1875_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 36k [IMG] Arthur William Devis_England_Two Men playing Chess_1712-1787_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 24k [IMG] Arturo Ricci_Italy_Sala Artistica_1884_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 20k [IMG] Arturo Ricci_Italy_The Game of Chess_1854-1919_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 32k [IMG] Aubert_France_Grand bataille au Cafe de la Regence_1843_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 28k [IMG] Aubert_France_Quand finira donc cette partie_1843_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 48k [IMG] August Hermann Knoop_Germany_Playing Chess 2_1856-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 40k [IMG] August Hermann Knoop_Germany_Playing Chess_1856-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 24k [IMG] August Hermann Knoop_Germany_The Chess Players 2_1856-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 12k [IMG] August Hermann Knoop_Germany_The chess players_1856-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 56k [IMG] Augusto Daini_Italy_Scacco matto_1860-1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 24k [IMG] Basilica of San Savino at Piacenza _Italy_X_1000-1100_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 208k [IMG] Bayasanghori Shahnameh_Persia_Book of Kings_1430_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 48k [IMG] Beda Francesco_Italy_The Chess Game_1840-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 12k [IMG] Benedictine Abbey in Bavaria Beuron_Bavaria_X_1200-1300_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 36k [IMG] Benjamin Eugene Fichel_France_Fashionable Soirees_1855_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 16k [IMG] Benjamin Eugene Fichel_France_Game of chess_1887_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 28k [IMG] Benjamin Eugene Fichel_France_The Chess Game_1881_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:07 28k [IMG] Benjamin Eugene Fichel_France_The Chess Game_1887_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 40k [IMG] Benjamin Eugene Fichel_France_The Chess Players_1887_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 32k [IMG] Benjamin Eugene Fichel_France_The Chessgame_1882_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 52k [IMG] Benjamin Eugene Fichel_France_Un partie dechecs_1826-1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 48k [IMG] Benjamin Vautier_Switzerland_Untitled1_1829-1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 52k [IMG] Benjamin Vautier_Switzerland_Untitled2_1829-1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Bernard Louis Borione_France_A game of chess_1906_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Bernard Louis Borione_France_Checkmate_1865-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 20k [IMG] Bernard Louis Borione_France_Echec et mat_1865-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Bernard Louis Borione_France_Gentlemen playing chess_1865-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 32k [IMG] Bernard Picart_France_Putti playing chess_1729_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Beryl Fowler_Britain_Leaning Over a Chess Table_1904_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 76k [IMG] Bu Arabshah_Uzbekistan_Merveilles lhistore de Tamerlan_1370-1469_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 76k [IMG] Buchmalerei_Persia_Miniature Aud Dem Shaname_1500-1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 136k [IMG] C Nordheim_Germany_Young Couple_1800-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 176k [IMG] Capablanca_Cuba_X_1892_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 20k [IMG] Caravaggio_Italy_Chess Players_1571-1610_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 60k [IMG] Carel de Moor_Netherlands_Ler Jeu De Echecs_1656-1738_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 76k [IMG] Carl Becker_Germany_Franz Adelheid and the Bishop of Bamberg_1892_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 16k [IMG] Carl Heinrich Werner_Germany_The chess players_1808-1894_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Carl Hepfer_Germany_The Chess Players_1887_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 20k [IMG] Carl Julius Milde_Germany_Die Familien Duncker und Kerner_1832_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 16k [IMG] Carl Maria Seyppel_Germany_Playing Chess_1888_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Carl Probst_Austria_The Chess Match_1902_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 68k [IMG] Carl Wilhelm Anton Seiler_Germany_Chess players_1846-1921_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Carl Zewy_Germany_Joli coup_1882_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 32k [IMG] Carlo Ferranti_Italy_A chess problem_1840-1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Carlo Ferranti_Italy_Playing chess_1840-1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 12k [IMG] Carlo Luigi Orsi_Italy_A game of chess_1835-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 16k [IMG] Caroline Schonheydervan Deurs_Denmark_Young chess player_1860-1932_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 64k [IMG] Caroline Watson_Britain_Interior of a gaming room_1803_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 32k [IMG] Catherine Maria Fanshawe_England_Two men playing chess_1765-1834_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 40k [IMG] Caxton_England_Game and Playe of the Chesse_1470_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 108k [IMG] Charles Ambroise Napoleon Maignien_France_Chessplayer_1865_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 108k [IMG] Charles Bargue_France_Le Jeu dEchecs_1826-1883_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 20k [IMG] Charles Bargue_France_The chess game_1825-1883_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 24k [IMG] Charles Check_Engand_Easy Guide to the Game of Chess_1818_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 36k [IMG] Charles Dana Gibson_America_The Greatest Game in the World_1903_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 92k [IMG] Charles Emilius Gold_New Zealand_Smoking the Hookah_1809-1871_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 16k [IMG] Charles Gray_Middle East_Chess in Basar_1865-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 48k [IMG] Charles Green_Britain_A Game Of Chess_1840-1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 20k [IMG] Charles Louis Kratke_France_Game for Entertainers_1848-1921_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 28k [IMG] Charles Marie Lhuillier_Middle East_The Turkish Cafe_1824-1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 20k [IMG] Charles Meer Webb_England_Checkmate_1864_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 36k [IMG] Charles Meer Webb_England_Die Schachpartie_1830-1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:08 32k [IMG] Charles Williams_England_A Game of Chess_1802_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 748k [IMG] Christian Richter_Germany_Johann Friedrich de Grobmutge_1650_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 28k [IMG] Christine de Pizan_Italy_Epitre de Orthea - Ulysse_1364-1430_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 24k [IMG] Christoph Weickhmann_Germany_Grosses KonigsSpiel 2_1664_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 132k [IMG] Christoph Weickhmann_Germany_Grosses KonigsSpiel_1664_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 124k [IMG] Codex Manasse_Germany_King Otto IV of Brandenburg_1330_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 56k [IMG] Continental School_England_A game of chess 2_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 32k [IMG] Continental School_England_A game of chess_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 40k [IMG] ContinentalSchool_England_The Chess Game_1800-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 40k [IMG] Cornelius de Man_Netherlands_The Game of Chess_1670_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 32k [IMG] Daniel Caspar von Lohensteins_Germany_Druckgraphik_1650-1722_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 36k [IMG] David Cox_England_William Henry Hunt_1783-1859_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 104k [IMG] David Joseph Bles_Netherlands_Chess Players_1821-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 20k [IMG] Delphin Enjouras_France_The game of chess_1857-1945_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 32k [IMG] Denis Diderot_France_Engravings_1776_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 44k [IMG] Diana Sperling_England_A game of chess_1775-1817_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 56k [IMG] Dirk van Delft_Netherlands_Tafel Kerstenre Ghelove_1400-1410_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 56k [IMG] Domenico Maria Fratto_Italy_Caissa goddess of chess_1669-1763_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 36k [IMG] Dominik Skutecky_Slovakia_Chess game_1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 52k [IMG] Duboy_Germany_Nachtragliche Kritik_1890_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 40k [IMG] Dutch school_Netherlands_Chess by lamplight_1700-1799_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 24k [IMG] Edgar Bundy_England_The Chess Game_1862-1922_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 16k [IMG] Eduard Ritter_Austria_Chess at a fireplace_1808-1903_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 20k [IMG] Edward Burne-Jones_Britain_Kelmscott_1896_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 28k [IMG] Edward Harrison May_America_Lady Howe mating Ben Franklin_1867_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 112k [IMG] Edward Reginald Frampton_America_Ferdinand Miranda Tempest V_1872-1923_setboa... 28-Dec-2014 15:09 24k [IMG] Edwin F. Holt_X_Chess players in the park_1866-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 12k [IMG] Edwin H. Blashfield_America_Chess players_1846-1936_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 16k [IMG] Edwin Hughes_England_Checkmate_1889_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 12k [IMG] Edwin Lord Weeks_Egypt_A Game of Chess in Cairo Street_1879_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 20k [IMG] Egbert Jaspersz Heemskerck_Netherlands_Mandragorias_1636-1703_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 52k [IMG] Emile-Georges Weiss_France_The chess game_1897_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 16k [IMG] English School_England_The Chess Party_1800-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 24k [IMG] Enrique Cabral Y Llano_Italy_Bernini Room_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 12k [IMG] Enrique Serra_Spain_The Chess Players_1889_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 32k [IMG] Erdmann Hummel_Germany_Die Schachpartie_1818-1819_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 40k [IMG] Ernst Ludwig Kirchner_Germany_Otto Muller Playing Chess_1880-1938_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 68k [IMG] Estienne Porchie_X_The Three Ages of Man_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 60k [IMG] Eugene Delacroix_Middle East_Arabes jouant aux echecs_1847_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 44k [IMG] Eurico Tarenghi_Italy_A Game of Chess_1848-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 28k [IMG] F Jentzen_Germany_Schachpartie_1844_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 176k [IMG] Federico Andreotti_Italy_The Chess Game_1847-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:09 40k [IMG] Ferdinand Lefman_France_Joueurs dEchecs a Jerusalem_1850-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 60k [IMG] Ferdinand Victor Leon Roybet_France_Cavaliers_1840-1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 36k [IMG] Ferdinand Victor Leon Roybet_France_Le Joueur dEchecs_1840-1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 192k [IMG] Ferdinand Victor Leon Roybet_France_Musketeers_1881_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 24k [IMG] Ferenc Kolossi_Hungary_Die Schachpartie_1902_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 24k [IMG] Fernand Piestre Cormon_Middle East_Les joueurs dechecs_1845-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 12k [IMG] Filippo Pella_Italy_Fresque sur le theme de echecs_1925_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 88k [IMG] Firdawsi Shahnama Iran_Persia_Buzurdjmihr_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 28k [IMG] Firdawsi_Persia_Krishna and Radha playing chaturanga_935-1026_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 36k [IMG] Folio from a Shahnama_Persia_Buzurjmihr Chess_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 20k [IMG] Foto Forbert_Poland_Children Playing Chess_1920-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 40k [IMG] Francesco Beda_Italy_The Chess Game_1840-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 16k [IMG] Francesco di Georgio Martini_Italy_Parti dechecs_1439-1502_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 76k [IMG] Francis R Cotes_England_Portrait Of William Earle Welby_1726-1770_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 128k [IMG] Francis Sidney Muschamp_England_Three Officers Playing Chess_1884-1903_setboa... 28-Dec-2014 15:10 144k [IMG] Francis Sydney Muschamp_Britain_Checkmate_1851-1929_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 28k [IMG] Francisco Jose Domingo y Marques_Spain_Mosqueteros_1893_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 16k [IMG] Francois Boucher_Orient_Les Echecs_1703-1770_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 48k [IMG] Francois Brunery_Italy_Lovers Chess_1849-1906_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 48k [IMG] Francois Brunery_Italy_Muove il rosso_1849-1906_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 20k [IMG] Frank Stephen Dadd_England_Those Laugh Who Win_1885_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 48k [IMG] Frank Stone_England_Chess Queen_1848_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 100k [IMG] Frank Stone_England_Chess_1848_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 140k [IMG] Frank Stone_England_Mated_1848_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 64k [IMG] Franz von Deffregger_Austria_Partie dEchecs_1885_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 16k [IMG] Franz von Matsch_Austria_Leonardo da Vinci playing chess_1890_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 44k [IMG] Frederick Arthur Bridgman_Algeria_The chess players_1881_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 20k [IMG] Frederick Daniel Hardy_England_Checkmate_1826-1911_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 24k [IMG] Frederick Judd Waugh_America_Chess Players_1891_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 52k [IMG] Frederik Arthur Bridgman_America_Chess players_1924_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 20k [IMG] Frederik Arthur Bridgman_Middle East_An Interesting Game_1881_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 28k [IMG] Friedrich Moritz August Retzsch_Germany_Die Schachspieler_1779-1857_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 80k [IMG] Fritz Wagner_Germany_Interior Scene with Gentlemen Playing Chess_1896-1939_se... 28-Dec-2014 15:10 112k [IMG] G Bottger_Germany_Kaiser Philipp murdered_1818_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 148k [IMG] G W Laude_X_A pile of playing cards and chess pieces_1825_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 92k unknown GH_England_Political Chess Players_1814_setboard.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:11 204k [IMG] Gaston Bonfils_France_The chess game_1855-1946_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 44k [IMG] Gennaro Basile_Italy_Portratgalerie des steiermarkischen Adels_1750_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 16k [IMG] Georg Daniel Heumann_Germany_Callot figures_1691-1759_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 24k [IMG] George Cruikshank_England_Caricature of a game of chess_1820_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 24k [IMG] George Cruikshank_England_Caricature of a game of chess_1835_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:10 40k unknown George Derville Rowlandson_Britain_X_1861-1930_setboard.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:11 232k [IMG] George Goodwin Kilburne_England_A Game of Chess_1839-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 156k [IMG] George Goodwin Kilburne_England_A Game of Chess_1888_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 52k [IMG] George Goodwin Kilburne_England_A hopeless case_1839-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 24k [IMG] George Ogilvy Reid_Britain_Playing Chess_1851-1928_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 52k [IMG] George Watson_Scotland_The Game Is Mine She Cries With Joy_1767-1837_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:11 68k [IMG] George Whiting Flagg_America_Check Mate_1836_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 40k [IMG] George Wilmot Bonner_England_Checkmate and Liberty_1796-1836_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 20k [IMG] Georges Croegaert_France_Kept in Check_1848-1923_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 24k [IMG] Georges Lucien Boichard_France_The Chess Game_1889_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 28k [IMG] Gerare Portielje_Belgium_Avec le jeu dechecs_1929_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 52k [IMG] German tapestry_Germany_Queen Playing Chess_1460_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 40k [IMG] Gerolamo induno_Italy_La partita a scacchi_1881_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 32k [IMG] Gianutio_Italy_X_1597_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 288k [IMG] Gilbert Stuart_America_Hetty and Maria Morris_1755-1828_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 48k [IMG] Giovanni Garinei_Italy_Gioco di scacchi_1846-1910_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 80k [IMG] Giovanni Leonardo da Cutra_Italy_Giovanni Leonardo Ruy Lopez_1575_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 12k [IMG] Giulio Benso_Italy_Chess Before Troy_1637-1639_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 152k [IMG] Giulio Campi_Italy_Partida a scacchi_1550_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 48k [IMG] Giulio Rosati_Italy_The Chess Players_1858-1917_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 28k [IMG] Giuseppe Aureli_Italy_Una partida difficile a scacchi_1858-1929_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 24k [IMG] Giuseppe Ballesio_Italy_Perplexed_1860-1923_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 16k [IMG] Giuseppe Bellesio_Italy_A Difficult Move_1860-1923_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 16k [IMG] Giuseppi Micali_Italy_Game of Chess_1866-1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 12k [IMG] Granger_England_Chess Match_1812-1893_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 88k [IMG] Granger_England_Chess Match_1886_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 56k [IMG] Granger_England_Chess Players_1855_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 144k [IMG] Granger_England_Chess Tournament_1889_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 76k [IMG] Granger_England_Chess association_1885_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 44k [IMG] Granger_Ireland_Irish Chess Association_1885_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 28k [IMG] Gravure sur bois signee AC_France_Gauche cavaliers_1610_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 64k [IMG] Guardassoni Alessandro_Italy_Autoportrait_1819-1888_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 32k [IMG] Guilio Benso_Italy_Chess Before Troy_1637_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 52k [IMG] Guillaume de Tyr_Turkey_Croises refusant de combattre_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 40k [IMG] Guiron Courtois Rusticien_Italy_Arthur playing chess_1370-1380_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 20k [IMG] Guiron le Courtois de Rusticien de Pise_Britain_Arthur_1411_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 36k [IMG] Guiseppe Ballesio_Italy_A Game of Chess and Checkmate_1870-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 36k [IMG] Gunnar Berndtson_Finland_Sakkia_1854-1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 28k [IMG] Hablot Knight Browne_England_The game of chess 2_1845_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:11 28k [IMG] Hablot Knight Browne_England_The game of chess_1845_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 20k [IMG] Hans August Lassen_Germany_Drei Junge Herren beim Schachspiel_1885_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 108k [IMG] Hans Lassen_Germany_Drei Herren_1857-1904_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 64k [IMG] Hans Lassen_Germany_Four officers in game_1857-1904_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 72k [IMG] Hans Lassen_Germany_Portrait of three gentlemen_1857-1904_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 92k unknown Hans Muelich_Germany_Albert Duc de Baviere_1552_setboard.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:12 280k [IMG] Harpers Magazine_America_X_1883_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 44k [IMG] Heideloff_Germany_X_1851_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 28k [IMG] Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein_Germany_Schachspiel_1784_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 44k [IMG] Hendricus Johannes Scheeres_Netherlands_Officer Nobleman_1854_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 20k [IMG] Henri Brispot_France_A Cardinals Move_1846-1928_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 12k [IMG] Henri Brispot_France_La Partita di Scacchi_1846-1928_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 48k [IMG] Henri Brispot_France_La partie dechecs_1846-1928_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 24k [IMG] Henri Brispot_France_The Chess Game_1846-1928_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 16k [IMG] Henri-Pierre Picou_India_Jeu dechecs indien_1824-1895_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 88k [IMG] Henricus Engelbert Reyntjens_Netherlands_Playing chess_1817-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 16k [IMG] Henry Caro-Delvaille_France_Ma femme et ses soeurs_1904_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 32k [IMG] Henry Coulier_France_la bataille fut aspre_1885-1907_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 20k [IMG] Henry John R.S.W. R.Can.A. Dobson_Scotland_Two figures_1890_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 28k [IMG] Henry Rene DAllemagne_France_Recreations et Passe Temps_1905_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 24k [IMG] Henry Siddons Mowbray_America_A Game of Chess_1858-1928_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 60k [IMG] Henry William Bunbury & James Bretherton_England_Chess_1750-1806_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 32k [IMG] Henry William Bunbury_Middle East_The Game of Chess_1750-1811_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 20k [IMG] Herbert Ashwin Budd_Britain_The Chess Board_1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 116k [IMG] Hermann Luders_Germany_Village of Strobeck_1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 12k [IMG] Hildur Nilsen Prahl_Denmark_Sjakk matt i 3 trekk_1885_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 72k [IMG] Hocquart_France_X_1810_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 28k [IMG] Honore Daumier_France_Les Joueurs dechecs_1865_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 72k [IMG] Honore Daumier_France_Les Saltimbanques au repos_1865_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 12k [IMG] Horn_X_Playing chess_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 36k [IMG] Hotel de la Bessee_France_Stained glass_1440_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 68k [IMG] Ignac Ujvary_Morocco_The chess game_1860-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 20k [IMG] Isaac Israels_Netherlands_The Chess Players_1865-1934_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 32k [IMG] Isidore Kaufmann_Hungary_Thinking_1853-1921_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 36k [IMG] Israhel von Meckenem_Germany_Death playing chess with the King_1445-1503_setb... 28-Dec-2014 15:12 80k [IMG] J B Irving_America_The End of the Game_1876_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 12k [IMG] J Garrigues_Tunisia_Street People of Tunis_1870-1880_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 12k [IMG] Jacob Kobel_Germany_Schachzabelspiel_1520_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 716k [IMG] Jacobus Publicius_Italy_Artes Orandi Epistolandi Memorandi_1485_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 92k [IMG] Jacobus de Cessolis_Italy_Book of Chess_1400-1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:12 88k [IMG] Jacobus de Cessolis_Italy_Chess players_1300-1400_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 76k [IMG] Jacobus de Cessolis_Italy_The Game of Chess Moralized_1400-1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 28k [IMG] Jacques Clement Wagrez_France_Joueurs dechecs_1848-1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 44k [IMG] Jacques Villon frere de Marcel Duchamp_France_La partie dechecs_1904_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:13 112k [IMG] Jacques-Clement Wagrez_France_The Chess Players_1846-1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 40k [IMG] Jakob Emanuel Gaisser_Germany_Musketiere_1825-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 36k [IMG] Jakob Emanuel Gaisser_Germany_The Chess Game 2_1825-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 32k [IMG] Jakob Emanuel Gaisser_Germany_The chess game_1825-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 28k [IMG] Jakob Mennel_Austria_Schachtzabel Spiel Oppenheym_1460-1526_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 120k [IMG] James Bretherton_England_The Game at Chess_1750-1811_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 32k [IMG] James Hamilton_America_A Game of Chess_1819-1878_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 20k [IMG] James Lonsdale_England_The Chess Players_1777-1839_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 72k [IMG] James Tissot_France_Jeune Femme jouant aux echecs_1876_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 40k [IMG] Jan Baptist Huysmans_Middle East_A game of chess_1826-1906_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 32k [IMG] Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen_Netherlands_Von Sachsen_1549_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 76k [IMG] Jan de Bray_Netherlands_Chessplayer_1661_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 164k [IMG] Jean Henri Marlet_France_The Chess Game_1771-1847_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 20k [IMG] Jean Hubert_Switzerland_Voltaire Adam 2_1775_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 40k [IMG] Jean Hubert_Switzerland_Voltaire Adam_1775_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 40k [IMG] Jean Leon Gerome Ferris_America_The Chess Match_1863-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 36k [IMG] Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier_France_A Game Of Chess_1815-1891_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 24k [IMG] Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier_France_Chessplayers_1856_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 112k [IMG] Jean Wauquelin_France_Cassiel Phesona playing chess_1400-1500_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 16k [IMG] Jean-Charles Cazin_France_The chess game_1861-1901_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 12k [IMG] Jean-Leon Gerome_Middle East_Almees jouant aux echecs_1870_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 8k [IMG] Jean-Leon Gerome_Middle East_Arnauts jouant aux echecs_1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 8k [IMG] Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier_France_Les joueurs dechecs 2_1863_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 64k [IMG] Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier_France_Les joueurs dechecs_1863_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 32k [IMG] Jean-Louis-Ernst Meissonier_France_Chess Players_1815-1891_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 16k [IMG] Jean-Paul Kayser_Germany_Jouant aux echecs_1925_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 60k [IMG] Jehudo Epstein_Belarus_Jews playing chess 2_1892_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 20k [IMG] Jehudo Epstein_Belarus_Jews playing chess_1892_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 24k [IMG] Joh Gottl_Germany_Schachspieler des Herrn on Kempelen_1789_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 12k [IMG] Johan Mengels Culverhouse_Netherlands_Chess by candlelight_1820-1891_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:13 8k [IMG] Johan Mengels Culverhouse_Netherlands_Die Schachpartie_1820-1891_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 16k [IMG] Johan Zoffany_Germany_Jugando al Ajedrez_1733-1810_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 12k [IMG] Johann Baptist Anton Raunacher_Austria_Eine Schachpartie_1755_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 76k [IMG] Johann Baptist Anton Raunacher_Austria_Schachspieler_1760-1762_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 80k [IMG] Johann Erdmann Hummel_Germany_Die Schachpartie_1818_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:13 48k unknown Johann Esaias Nilson_Germany_The Chessgame_1700-1800_setboard.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:14 172k [IMG] Johann Esaias Nilson_Germany_The Chessgame_1721-1788_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 140k [IMG] Johann Hamza_Austria_The Chess Players_1850-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 56k [IMG] Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein_Germany_Conradin Of Swabia_1784_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 24k [IMG] Johann Rudolf Feyerabend_Germany_Blumenvase-Violine_1779-1814_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 88k [IMG] Johann Werner_Germany_Portrait of a Gentleman Chess Player_1750-1790_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:14 48k [IMG] Johannes Hermanus van Heyden_Netherlands_The chess game_1825-1907_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 24k [IMG] Johannes Samuel Blaettner_Germany_Johann Friedrich death row_1650-1700_setboa... 28-Dec-2014 15:14 276k [IMG] John Barker_England_The Chess Game_1811-1886_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 36k [IMG] John Callcott Horsley_England_Check Mate The Last Move_1817-1903_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 20k [IMG] John Doyle_Ireland_Perpetual Drawn_1840_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 44k [IMG] John Field_England_Political checkmate_1829_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 48k [IMG] John George Brown_Britain_Checkmate_1831-1913_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 20k [IMG] John Ingram_X_Le Jew d Echets Chinois_1721_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 140k [IMG] John Lavery_Ireland_The chess players_1929_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 48k [IMG] John Northcote_England_La partie dechecs_1746-1841_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 72k [IMG] John Ritchie_Britain_Game of Chess_1858-1875_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 48k [IMG] John Singer Sargent_America_Dolce far Niente_1856-1925_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 28k [IMG] John Singer Sargent_America_the Chess Game_1856-1925_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 28k [IMG] John Sloan_America_Isaac L Rice_1915_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 32k [IMG] John Tenniel_England_Adventures of Alice_1866_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 116k [IMG] Jose Gallegos Y Arnosa_Spain_La Partida De Ajedrez_1859-1917_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 32k [IMG] Jose Jimenez Aranda_Spain_El Cafe_1889_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 28k [IMG] Jose Mongrell Torrent_Spain_Mosqueteros_1894_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 32k [IMG] Josef Danhauser_Austria_Game of Chess_1839_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 24k [IMG] Joseph Clark_England_Chess Players_1860_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 16k [IMG] Joseph Clark_England_Sketch for Chess Players_1860_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 64k [IMG] Joseph Clark_England_Sketch for painting Chess Players_1834-1926_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 28k [IMG] Joseph Hamza_Germany_The Chess Players_1850-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 32k [IMG] Joseph Walter West_Britain_The Chess Players Black to Move_1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 44k [IMG] Juan Antonio Gonzales_Peru_Checkmate_1822-1914_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 8k [IMG] Juan Antonio Gonzales_Spain_Checkmate_1842-1914_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 12k [IMG] Juan de Carrion_Spain_The Cifar observes the enemy camp_1300-1400_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 16k [IMG] K. Dohnal_Germany_Schachmatt_1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 16k [IMG] Kamal ud-Din Gazurgahi_Persia_Madjalis ul Usshaq_1502-1504_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 20k [IMG] Karel van Mander_Flanders_The Chess Picture_1604_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:14 152k [IMG] Kassel Landesbibliothek_Germany_Arabel and Willehalm playing Chess_1334_setbo... 28-Dec-2014 15:15 624k [IMG] Knut Ekwall_Sweden_Proposal_1880_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 32k [IMG] Kristian Zahrtmann_Denmark_Scene fra Christian VIIs hof_1873_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 20k [IMG] L Rovini_Italy_Cavaliers Playing Chess_1800-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 120k [IMG] Lajos Kolozsvary_Hungary_Das Schachspiel_1937_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 28k [IMG] Lajos Ludwig Bruck_Hungary_Chess game_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 24k [IMG] Lasker and Steinitz_Russia_StPetersburg_1894_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 40k [IMG] Laura V. Hardy_England_Floral still life with chess pieces_1850-1949_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:15 80k [IMG] Le Caravage dApres_Italy_Chess Players_1571-1610_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 84k [IMG] Le Codex Buranus_Italy_X_1200-1299_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 92k [IMG] Leon De Muetter Brunin_Belgium_The Chess Game_1861-1945_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 52k [IMG] Leonardo Torres Quevedo_Spain_Torres Quevedo_1852-1936_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 20k [IMG] Lewis Carroll_England_Two aunts playing chess_1832-1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 32k [IMG] Lewis Carroll_England_X_1832-1898_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 36k [IMG] Lorenzo Costa_Italy_La partie dechecs_1460-1535_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 20k [IMG] Louis Carrogis_France_Sans titre_1717-1806_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 20k [IMG] Louis Charles Moeller_America_Amis_1865-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 68k [IMG] Louis Charles Moeller_America_Men Playing Chess_1855-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 48k [IMG] Louis Charles Moeller_America_The Chess Game_1855-1930_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 56k [IMG] Louis Leopold Boilly_France_Joueurs dechecs Cafe de la Regence_1792_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 60k [IMG] Louis Leopold Boilly_France_Le Cafe de la Regence_1761-1845_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 28k [IMG] Louis Robert Carrier Belleuse_France_Joueurs dechecs_1848-1913_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 60k [IMG] Lubin Baugin_France_Louis XIV table_1612-1663_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 44k [IMG] Lubin Baugin_France_Nature morte avec un echiquier_1630_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 104k [IMG] Luca Pacioli_Italy_Luca Pacioli manuscript_1445-1517_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 44k [IMG] Lucas van Leyden_Netherlands_La Partie dechecs_1508_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 56k [IMG] Lucy Madox Brown_England_Ferdinand and Miranda_1871_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 56k [IMG] Ludovico Carracci_Italy_I Giocatori di Scacchi_1590_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 68k [IMG] Ludovico Carrachi_Italy_Le Jeu dEchecs_1590_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 116k [IMG] Ludwig Bachmann_Germany_Schachpartien Aufgaben und Endspiele_1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 28k [IMG] Ludwig Deutsch_Middle East_The Chess Game_1896_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 16k [IMG] Luigi Baldero_Italy_Cavaliers engrossed in chess at tavern_1800-1899_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:15 20k [IMG] Luigi Baldero_Italy_Les Mousquetaires joueurs dechecs_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 24k [IMG] Luigi Baldero_Italy_Tavern interior with Chess Match_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 20k [IMG] Luigi Baldero_Italy_The Chess Game 2_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 16k [IMG] Luigi Baldero_Italy_The Chess Game_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 28k [IMG] Luigi Baldero_Italy_The Chess Players_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 20k [IMG] Luigi Mussini_Spain_Tourni dechecs a la cour de espagne_1883_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 12k [IMG] Luigi Serra_Italy_Annibale Bentivolglio echecs_1846-1888_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 84k [IMG] M Columbo_Italy_Il Giuoco Degli Scacchi_1824_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:15 40k [IMG] M Duboy_France_Nachtragliche Kritik_1870_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 160k [IMG] Manessische Leiderhandschrift_Germany_Le Roi Otto IV_1301-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 36k [IMG] Manner of Jules Leroy_X_Kittens Playing with Chess Pieces_1856-1921_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 104k [IMG] Manuel Cabral Y Aguado Bejarano_Spain_Jugando Al Ajedrez_1827-1891_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 20k [IMG] Maria Martinetti_Italy_The chess match_1864-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 12k [IMG] Maria Martinetti_Middle East_The chess match_1864-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 12k [IMG] Martinius Rorbye_Middle East_Orientaux cafe-barbier turc_1845_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 16k [IMG] Mary Cassatt_America_The Chess Game_1881_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 24k [IMG] Master BR_Germany_Chess with Death_1480-1490_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 780k [IMG] Master ES_Germany_Love Garden_1450-1467_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 388k [IMG] Master of Castellitx_Spain_Moore and Christian_1415-1440_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 84k [IMG] Matthaus Kusel_Germany_New-erfundenes Grosses Konigs-Spihl_1664_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 1520k [IMG] Matthaus Merian_Switzerland_The Kaiser Valentinian Plays Chess_1657_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 564k [IMG] Matthias Gerung_Germany_Playing the game of Gluck_1500-1570_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 76k [IMG] Max Barascudts_Germany_Head-To-Head A Game Of Chess_1869-1927_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 20k [IMG] Max Ebersberger_Germany_De koningin _1852-1926_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 16k [IMG] Max Oppenheimer_Austria_The Chess-Players_1916_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 116k [IMG] Moritz Daniel Oppenheim_Germany_Moses Mendelssohn_1860_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 36k [IMG] Morphy and Anderssen_America_NewYork_1857_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 32k [IMG] Morphy and Lowenthal_England_London_1858_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 36k [IMG] Morphy_America_New York_1857_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 28k [IMG] Mussini Luigi_Italy_Tourni dEchecs a la cour dEspagne_1883_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 12k [IMG] National Chess Congress_America_NYC_1857_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 184k [IMG] Nevasi Lai_India_Noblewomen Playing Chess_1780-1800_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 36k [IMG] Nicholas Arnoult_France_Le jeu des Echecs_1650-1722_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 60k [IMG] Nicholes de Lombardie_Italy_Le Gieu des eskies_1300-1350_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:16 84k [IMG] Nicolas Arnoult_France_Le Jeu D Echecs_1690-1700_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 428k [IMG] Nicolo di Pietro_Italy_Scene from the life of St Augustine_1394-1410_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:17 68k [IMG] Niederrhein_Germany_Minnekastchen Schachspiel_1351-1375_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 36k [IMG] Nils Gustav Wentzel_Norway_Sjakkspillere_1886_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 28k [IMG] Nur ad-Din abd ar-Rahman Jami Haft Awrang_Persia_Youth_1468-1485_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 32k [IMG] Okumura Toshinobu_Japan_Daikoku and Shoki Playing Chess_1725-1750_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 132k [IMG] Otto Erdmann_Germany_Schachpartie_1834-1905_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 24k [IMG] P H Andreis_Belgium_Cavaliers Playing Chess 2_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 184k [IMG] P H Andreis_Belgium_Cavaliers Playing Chess_1890_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 116k [IMG] Padovanino_Italy_Mars jouant aux echecs avec Venus_1630_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 20k [IMG] Padovanino_Italy_Mars plays chess with Venus_1630_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 264k [IMG] Palatine Chapel Palermo_Germany_Sicilian Arabs_1300-1399_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 20k [IMG] Paris Bordone_Italy_Partida a scacchi_1540_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 76k [IMG] Paul Avril_France_Book illustration_1884_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 16k [IMG] Paul Charles Chocarne-Moreau_France_Une bonne lecon_1855-1931_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 20k [IMG] Paul Musurus_Greece_A bearded man playing chess_1855-1865_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 76k [IMG] Paul Sandby_England_Chess Players_1725-1809_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 8k [IMG] Pauline Soltau_Germany_Conradin von Schwaben_1833-1902_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 24k [IMG] Paulsen and Lange_Germany_Leipzig_1864_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 64k [IMG] Percy Ernst Renotiwsky_Germany_Older Clergyman_1867-1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 64k [IMG] Percy Henry Martindale_Britain_Young man_1869-1943_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 76k [IMG] Peter Troschel_Germany_Ernst IV von Braunschweig Grubenhagen_1645_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 40k [IMG] Philidor_America_Chess Made Easy_1802_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 160k [IMG] Philidor_America_Elements Of Chess_1805_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 36k unknown Philidor_America_The Elements Of Chess_1805_setboard.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:17 384k [IMG] Philidor_England_Book_1817_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 124k [IMG] Philidor_Netherlands_Dutch Edition of Philidor_1786_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 116k [IMG] Philippe Pavy_Middle East_The Chess Players_1860-1920_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 16k [IMG] Pierre-Charles Comte_France_Chess Game_1823-1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 16k [IMG] Pierre-Louis Delaval_Orient_Portrait of Kan-Gao_1821_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 36k [IMG] Pieter Brueghel_Flanders_Satire of the merchant's greed_1550_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 48k [IMG] Pieter Geerard Sjamaar_Netherlands_A game of chess_1819-1876_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 20k [IMG] Pieter Oyens_Netherlands_The chess players_1842-1894_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 12k [IMG] Prairie Peddler Antiques_X_Silhouette of chess game_1830-1840_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:17 24k [IMG] Rafael Von Ambros_Austria_Game of Chess_1855-1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 28k [IMG] Raffaello Sorbi_Italy_La partita a scacchi_1844-1931_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 12k [IMG] Raffaello Sorbi_Italy_Osteria a Fiesole_1889_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 16k [IMG] Raffaello Sorbi_Italy_Osteria_1892_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 12k [IMG] Rajasthan School_India_Baramasa Krishna and Radha_1800_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 8k [IMG] Raymond Balze_France_La Duchesse dUrbin_1818-1909_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 32k [IMG] Renaut de Montauban_France_Degenerant en assassinat_1486_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 80k [IMG] Rene-Georges-Hermann Paul_France_Les joueuses dechecs_1864-1945_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 16k [IMG] Richard Creifelds_America_The Veterans_1886_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 40k [IMG] Richard Dadd_England_The Childs Problem_1856_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 128k [IMG] Robert Heinrich von Doblhoff_Switzerland_Cafe in Trient WWI_1917_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 28k [IMG] Roberto Raimondi_Italy_Playing Chess With The Cardinal_1877-1957_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 16k [IMG] Roman du Roy Meliadus de Leonnoys_Italy_Louis II Naples_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 28k [IMG] Rudolf Koselitz_Germany_Schachspieler_1910_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 40k [IMG] Rudolph Ernst_Syria_La partie dechecs_1854-1932_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 28k [IMG] Rupert Arthur Dent_Britain_Pug puppies_1882_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 12k [IMG] Russian School_Russia_The Chess Players_1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 12k [IMG] S Corsi_Italy_Checkmate_1882-1956_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 40k [IMG] S G Bulvera_America_Soldiers Playing Chess_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 12k [IMG] Samuel Melton Fisher_Britain_The Chess Players 2_1860-1939_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 20k [IMG] Samuel Melton Fisher_Britain_The Chess Players_1860-1939_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 24k [IMG] Sargent John Singer_America_The Chess Game_1907_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 24k [IMG] Schlecter and Tarrash_Germany_Koln_1911_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 40k [IMG] School of Bergamo_Italy_A couple with musicians_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 40k [IMG] Selenus_Germany_Das Schach oder Konigspiel_1616_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 3136k [IMG] Simeon Buchbinder_Germany_Chess Game_1853-1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:18 20k [IMG] Simon Paul Horsin Deon_France_Le Cafe de la Regence_1874_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 92k [IMG] Sir Henry Raeburn_Scotland_General Francis Dundas_1756-1823_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 28k [IMG] Sir John Tenniel_England_Adventures of Alice_1866_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 176k [IMG] Sir John Tenniel_England_Portrait of Mr M Miller_1844_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 32k [IMG] Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema_Egypt_Egyptian chess players_1879_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 56k [IMG] Sir William Fettes Douglas RSA_Scotland_The Chess Players_1822-1891_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 48k [IMG] Sir William Newenham Montague_Ireland_Chess_1878-1931_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 104k [IMG] Stained glass from Hotel de la Bessee_France_X_1430-1440_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 60k [IMG] Stanislaw Chlebowski_Egypt_Chess players Cairo_1835-1884_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 8k [IMG] Stanley Anderson_England_Scene in London Eating House_1932_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 44k [IMG] Stereoscopic Photo_England_Stereoscopic Photo_1860s_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 12k [IMG] Sydneyham Chess Automaton_England_Sydneyham Chess Automaton_1869_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 32k [IMG] Szymon Buchbinder_Poland_Partia szachow_1853-1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 16k [IMG] Temistocle Lamesi_Italy_A Holy Chess Match_1870-1951_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 16k [IMG] The Sermon of John Capistrano_Italy_X_1450-1549_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 24k [IMG] Thomas Eakins_America_Les Joueurs dechecs_1876_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 32k [IMG] Thomas Frazer Ranson_England_Ferdinand and Miranda_1784-1828_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 24k [IMG] Thomas Frere_America_Freres Chess Handbook_1858_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 56k [IMG] Thomas Leeming_England_Hereford Chess Society_1788-1822_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 36k [IMG] Thomas McLean_England_A false move_1850_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 100k [IMG] Thomas Rowlandson_England_Checkmate_1756-1827_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 36k [IMG] Torres de Marcillo_Spain_A Game of Chess_1895_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 88k [IMG] Tractatus de Ludo Scaccorum_Spain_Miniature_1375-1400_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 924k [IMG] Tristan Leonois_France_Tristan and Isolde love potion_1300-1400_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 348k [IMG] Tristan Leonois_France_Tristan and Isolde playing chess_1400-1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 24k [IMG] Ture Nikolaus Cederstrom_Sweden_The Chess Players_1843-1924_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 24k [IMG] U Desroches_Italy_Trattato Elementare del Giuoco degli Scacchi_1837_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 36k [IMG] Van der Werff Adrien_Netherlands_Couple jouant aux echecs_1659-1722_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 40k [IMG] Van der Werff Adrien_Netherlands_Die Schachspieler_1678_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 24k [IMG] Vasily Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky_Russia_Playing chess_1849-1921_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 20k [IMG] Viatchelslav Schwarz_Russia_Scene des tsars russes_1865_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 28k [IMG] Vicente Garcia de Paredes_Spain_The chess game_1845-1903_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 24k [IMG] Victor Brindatch_Russia_Thinking_1853-1921_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:19 52k [IMG] Wagrez Jacques Clement_France_Joueurs dEchecs_1846-1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 40k [IMG] Walter Dendy Sadler_Britain_Mated_1882_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 36k [IMG] Walter McEwen_America_The Chess Players_1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 60k [IMG] Walter-Dendy Sadler_England_Mated_1854-1923_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 44k [IMG] Walter-Dendy Sadler_England_The Chess Game_1854-1923_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 16k [IMG] Walters Manuscript_Armenia_Book of Hours St Stephen_1200-1299_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 12k [IMG] Weekly Freeman_Ireland_Checkmate Next Move_1888_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 80k [IMG] Wilhelm Rudinof_Middle East_Eastern Chess Players_1915_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 52k [IMG] Willem Elisa Roelofs Jr_Netherlands_Chinese chess pieces_1874-1940_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 104k [IMG] Willem Herreyns_Belgium_The Chess Players_1887_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 24k [IMG] Willem Joseph Laquy_Netherlands_Die Schachspieler_1780_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 88k [IMG] William Caxton_England_Game and Playe of Chesse_1415-1492_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 28k [IMG] William Charles Ross_England_Two men_1848_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 60k [IMG] William Daniels_England_The chess players_1813-1880_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 28k [IMG] William Duffield_Britain_Frederick Villers_1816-1863_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 8k [IMG] William Heath_Britain_The March of Intellect_1828_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 16k [IMG] William Henry Bunbury & James Bretherton_England_Chess_1750-1806_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 16k [IMG] William Henry Hunt_England_The chess players 2_1790-1864_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 64k [IMG] William Henry Hunt_England_The chess players_1790-1864_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 108k unknown William Lewis_England_Oriental Chess_1817_set.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:20 324k unknown William Lewis_England_The Chess-Board Companion_1855_board.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:20 28k unknown William Lewis_England_The Chess-Board Companion_1855_set.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:20 64k [IMG] William Quiller Orchardson_Scotland_Mrs Charles Moxton_1875_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 24k [IMG] Winslow Homer_America_Paul Morphy the Chess Champion_1859_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 48k [IMG] X_America_Frank Marshall_1910_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 24k [IMG] X_America_Soldiers Playing Games_1861_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 16k [IMG] X_Australia_Chess Automaton_1850-1949_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 24k [IMG] X_Australia_Chess players of Melbourne_1850-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 40k [IMG] X_Austria_Codex Palatinus - Flore und der Turmwachter beim Schachspiel_192-39... 28-Dec-2014 15:20 100k [IMG] X_Britain_Emperor Charles V playing chess with John Frederick - Elector of Sa... 28-Dec-2014 15:20 36k [IMG] X_Cambodia_Medieval chess in Augkor Cambodia_1100-1199_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 36k unknown X_England_A Chess Game_1800-1900_setboard.JPG 28-Dec-2014 15:20 108k [IMG] X_England_Berkshire Chess Club_1851_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 52k [IMG] X_England_Chessplayer_1800-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 268k [IMG] X_England_Colossal chess at the Crystal Palace_1896_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 104k [IMG] X_England_Garin playing chess - Angleterre_1250-1349_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:20 32k [IMG] X_England_Harpers Weekly The Chess Players_1874_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 20k [IMG] X_England_Philidor playing blindfolded at Parsloes in London_1770-1785_setboa... 28-Dec-2014 15:21 20k [IMG] X_England_Two gentlemen playing chess_1850-1949_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 28k [IMG] X_England_Windsor Family_1568_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 68k [IMG] X_France_A nurse playing chess with wounded soldier_1918_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 36k [IMG] X_France_Blioberis and messenger of Gaunes_1350-1439_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 12k [IMG] X_France_Cassiel and Phesona play chess_1351-1375_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 20k [IMG] X_France_Chess with allegorical figures representing pawns_1504_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 60k [IMG] X_France_Coffret a miroir en ivoire_1300-1325_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 28k [IMG] X_France_Game of chess in the Devine Bestiary_1250-1349_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 20k [IMG] X_France_Joueurs dEchecs_1800_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 28k [IMG] X_France_La Dame de Verzu jouant echecs avec le chevalier de Bourgogne_1300-1... 28-Dec-2014 15:21 68k [IMG] X_France_La Plus Nouvelle Academie Universelle Des Jeux_1721_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 52k [IMG] X_France_Lancelot porter un echiquier magique a Reine Guenevievre_1200-1299_b... 28-Dec-2014 15:21 100k [IMG] X_France_Marguerite dAlecon et son frere Francois dAngouleme_1500-1599_setboa... 28-Dec-2014 15:21 84k [IMG] X_France_Marguerite dAlencon and Francis of Angouleme_1500-1600_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 56k [IMG] X_France_Napoleon in Exile at St Helene_1816_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 24k [IMG] X_France_Queen of Verzu_1300-1400_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 32k [IMG] X_France_Scipio and Leulius playing chess_1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 40k [IMG] X_France_Une partie dechecs jouee vitrail de Chartres_1100-1199_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 40k [IMG] X_France_Vitrail provenant de l hotel de la Bessee Villefranche sur Saone_143... 28-Dec-2014 15:21 40k [IMG] X_France_X_1750-1820_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 172k [IMG] X_Germany_Abbaye benedictine de Beuron en Baviere_1250_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 96k [IMG] X_Germany_German illustration of two men playing chess_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 28k [IMG] X_Germany_History of Love William of Orleans and Amelia_1410-1430_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 56k [IMG] X_Germany_Niederrhein Minnekastchen_1351-1375_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 40k [IMG] X_Germany_Square chess board - Southern Germany_1570_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 168k [IMG] X_India_A Prince of Jaipur Playing Chess_1750-1849_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 28k [IMG] X_India_Chess and arrangement of Vin-Artakhshir_345-579_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 32k [IMG] X_India_Mohamedans Playing Chess_1863_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 36k [IMG] X_India_Scene from a Zenana_1840_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 32k [IMG] X_India_Three women playing a chess variant_1800_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 80k [IMG] X_India_Three women playing a variant of chess_1850_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 52k [IMG] X_Ireland_Johannes Zukertort_1879_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 52k [IMG] X_Italy_Anichino and Beatrize Galluzi play chess_1427_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 44k [IMG] X_Italy_Chess board in center with rules of chess on top_1590_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:21 56k [IMG] X_Italy_Libellus de moribus hominum et officiis nobilium ac popularium super ... 28-Dec-2014 15:22 60k [IMG] X_Italy_Miniature de ouvrage de Jacques de Cessoles 2_1300-1399_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 12k [IMG] X_Italy_Miniature de ouvrage de Jacques de Cessoles 3_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 44k [IMG] X_Italy_Miniature de ouvrage de Jacques de Cessoles 4_1300-1399_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 56k [IMG] X_Italy_Miniature de ouvrage de Jacques de Cessoles_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 68k [IMG] X_Italy_Sol en mosque basilique de San Savino a Piacenza_1000-1099_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 128k [IMG] X_Italy_Une femme et un homme jouant echecs Jacques de Cessoles_1300-1399_set... 28-Dec-2014 15:22 52k [IMG] X_Lebanon_William of Tyre_1200-1299_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 48k [IMG] X_Morocco_Yahya ibn Yahya forbade Shatranj_800-848_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 76k [IMG] X_Persia_Ambassadors from India present Chatrang to Khosrow_1300-1399_setboar... 28-Dec-2014 15:22 24k [IMG] X_Persia_Deux envoyes du roi lInde presentent a Husraw Ier_1300-1399_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:22 20k [IMG] X_Persia_Persian miniature - Aud Dem Shaname_1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 44k [IMG] X_Poland_Friedrich August II von Sachsen Konig von Polen mit Maria Josepha_17... 28-Dec-2014 15:22 64k [IMG] X_Russia_Ilia Chavchavadze and Ivane Machabeli in St Petersburg_1873_setboard... 28-Dec-2014 15:22 28k [IMG] X_Russia_Leo Tolstoy Playing Chess_1908_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 104k [IMG] X_Russia_Two Men in Chess_1800-1900_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 92k [IMG] X_Russia_Two gentlemen playing chess_1850-1949_set.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 20k [IMG] X_Spain_Tractus de Ludo Scaccorum Spain_1375-1400_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 56k [IMG] X_Syria_Chess In Damascus_1888_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 80k [IMG] X_X_A couple plays chess_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 24k [IMG] X_X_Achille dans sa tente_1300-1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 40k [IMG] X_X_Achilles in his tent_1300-1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 28k [IMG] X_X_Chess 2_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 36k [IMG] X_X_Chess 3_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 24k [IMG] X_X_Chess 4_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 36k [IMG] X_X_Chess 6_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 28k [IMG] X_X_Chess 7_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 28k [IMG] X_X_Chess 8_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 32k [IMG] X_X_Chess lovers_1500-1600_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 12k [IMG] X_X_Chess player_1850-1949_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 40k [IMG] X_X_Chess set in front of portrait of girl_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 32k [IMG] X_X_Chess_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 16k [IMG] X_X_Chess_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 16k [IMG] X_X_Croises jouant aux echecs_1200-1299_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 104k [IMG] X_X_Evil Merodak et Xerxes jouant aux echecs_1300-1400_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 44k [IMG] X_X_Games Board_1500-1599_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 148k [IMG] X_X_Jeu dechecs sous une tente_1200-1299_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 24k [IMG] X_X_La partie dechecs_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:22 24k [IMG] X_X_Latin edition of Libellus de Moribus_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 48k [IMG] X_X_Le livre de echecs amoureux moralises_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 60k [IMG] X_X_Les disputes et la rapine_1490_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 12k [IMG] X_X_Marginal miniature of two men playing chess_1300-1500_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 52k [IMG] X_X_Men playing tables in the January mural_1500-1599_board.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 8k [IMG] X_X_Minniature perteneciente al arte centroeuropeo_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 88k [IMG] X_X_Mirror Case - Lovers playing chess 2_1250-1349_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 16k [IMG] X_X_Mirror Case - Lovers playing chess_1250-1349_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 16k [IMG] X_X_Morphy at the Cafe de la Regence_1860-1865_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 16k [IMG] X_X_Oldest compilation of chess problems from medieval Europe_1370-1469_setbo... 28-Dec-2014 15:23 108k [IMG] X_X_Partie dechecs_1880_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 24k [IMG] X_X_Paul Morphy_1860-1880_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 40k [IMG] X_X_Photo stereoscopique_1840-1939_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 32k [IMG] X_X_Playing Chess 2_1200-1299_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 48k [IMG] X_X_Playing Chess_1200-1299_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 64k [IMG] X_X_Playing Chess_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 52k [IMG] X_X_Scene from a zenana_1840_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 36k [IMG] X_X_Sermon on morality and duties of men playing chess_1480_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 20k [IMG] X_X_Siamese Twins Playing Chess_1885_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 40k [IMG] X_X_Silhouette of chess game_1830_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 36k [IMG] X_X_The Chess Players_1800-1899_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 32k [IMG] X_X_Three men having an argument over chess_1600-1699_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 76k [IMG] X_X_Tristant et Yseult buvant le filtre damour_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 88k [IMG] X_X_Tristant et Yseult ouant aux echecs_1400-1499_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 32k [IMG] X_X_Two men playing chess_1788_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 116k [IMG] X_X_X_1300-1399_setboard.jpg 28-Dec-2014 15:23 16k

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